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Vincent Re PLLC provides counselling in intellectual property law.  Vincent Re is a registered patent attorney licensed to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office with experience in patent drafting and prosecution.

Affordable Legal Service for Companies and Inventors Seeking Value from Their Ideas


Vincent Re PLLC provides personalized, on-site legal support, helping you to protect your inventive ideas and turn them into concrete value for you or your company.  We work hard to keep our overhead low and expenses down to make sure our clients receive effective legal representation at the lowest cost possible.  As a result, we can provide legal service at very competitive rates, saving clients thousands of dollars as compared to other firms.  Call us today to discuss details.

Legal Guidance for Your Small Business


Vincent Re PLLC works with individuals and small businesses with ideas and aspirations.  We frequently provide assistance and experience to start-ups and people that want to form an LLC to take advantage of their ideas.  Vincent Re has written over 350 patent applications and has the legal expertise to help your company achieve effective patent protection.

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